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Machines are great. Reliable machines are even better. But do you know what’s best? Reliable humans. Sinch Email, the Developer + Email business unit at Sinch, combines powerful infrastructure with a team of dependable experts to build the best email experience for our users.

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Sinch Email comprises the brands Mailgun, Mailjet, Email on Acid, and InboxReady.

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Life at Sinch Email

The only thing that surpasses our laid-back culture is our get-shit-done attitude. We love our people, we are proud of our culture, and our collective drive sets us on the path to world domination. Do you think Sinch Email might be a fit for you? Here’s how we keep it real: 

  • We don’t put each other in silos or say, “it’s not my job.” 

  • We have strong opinions but hold them lightly. 

  • We believe that diverse opinions drive optimal solutions. 

  • We take the work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

  • We believe that to stall is to decline. We reject complacency. 

  • Everyone is empowered to make Sinch Email the best it can be.

Sinch Email

Core values

1. Performance

We solve the hard problems and do the hard work.

2. Authenticity

We know who we are, and who we are not. Accept those around you for who they are and who they are not.

3. Human

We are hard on the problem, not on the person.

4. Ownership

We care too much to see each other fail.

5. Evolution

We adapt with intention.

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Treat Yourself

You matter at Sinch Email

Stay healthy

We offer 100% employer-paid comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans (US). A variety of supplemental plans are also provided to meet your individual needs including access to telehealth for all participants.

Care for yourself

Take advantage of our free virtual counseling resources through our global Employee Assistance Program. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Secure your future

Plan for your future with our Roth and Pre-tax 401(k) options including an employer match for all participants (US).

Take a break

Enjoy 5+ weeks of paid time off. We value balance and understand that performance at work requires time to rest at home and/or rejuvenate on vacation.

Put family first

We know that families can be built in a variety of ways; therefore, we offer paid parental leave and family planning support through Maven.

Work wherever

Our flexible remote work offerings allow you to work wherever you’re the most productive and successful. It’s what you do, not where you work, that matters.

Treat yourself

Our comprehensive anniversary program offers a personalized experience in recognition of milestones achieved.

Make an impact

Support betterment in your community and beyond by taking paid time off to support a volunteer program of your choice.

Have some fun

You will have access to a catalog of negotiated offers and will get a refund of up to 25€ per month for the activities of your choice, provided they fit in the 3 following categories: culture /sport /travel (non-US).

Enjoy a nice lunch

Each month we credit an amount on your meal ticket card which can be used to buy food as well as in restaurants (non-US).

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We're on a mission to help brands build more meaningful connections with their customers, and we can't do it without you. Want to join a team passionate about driving innovation without leaving the human behind? Come find your path at Sinch Email. 

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