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Blocklist monitoring service

Email blocklists can cause your email marketing to come to a screeching halt. With the help of a blocklist monitoring service, you can avoid potential delivery pitfalls and learn how to stay off blocklists for good.

What are blocklists?

Blocklists are lists of IPs and domains that are believed to be sending spam to users’ inboxes. Blocklist maintainers utilize email spam traps and user feedback to identify IP addresses, domain names, and email addresses that are sending unsolicited messages and spam emails.

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The importance of your email reputation

In the world of email marketing, your email reputation is your currency. Having a strong domain and IP reputation – similar to a high credit score – is a form of collateral that allows mail servers to trust your email traffic. In order to manage the potential intrusion to email delivery, many email service providers provide a blocklist monitoring service to help customers with delisting.

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Regular blocklist monitoring is key

In 2017, spam accounted for nearly 60% of global email volume. Obviously, you don’t want your email messages to be counted among those numbers, so make a smart choice and take a preventative approach. Be sure to conduct regular blocklist checks by reviewing lists like Barracuda Reputation Block List, MXToolBox, Spamhaus, and SURBL to see if your IPs or domains appear. Using an email service provider that provides email analytics along with real-time monitoring of delivery rates can also help. To maintain the quality of your domain names and IP addresses, be sure to track user engagement with your campaigns and keep your lists clean on a regular basis.

Solving blocklist issues

Ending up on an email blocklist may seem like the end of the world, but according to a recent study by Litmus, one in four email IP addresses end up with blocklist issues at one time or another. The good news is that this status can be reversed, but it may take a bit of time and effort. First, you may need to fix both forward and reverse DNS records as well as SMTP banners. In addition, some blocklists may provide explicit removal instructions and allow you to manually delete your IP address; others will automatically remove those without major complaints after a period of time without incident. Once you remove yourself from one blocklist, keep in mind that lists often share databases – so check others as well to be sure you are in the clear. Of course, you ended up on a list for a reason, so until you’ve resolved the underlying issue, it could easily happen again, and that’s why a blocklist monitoring service is so important.

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Improve your deliverability with a blocklist monitoring service

Email deliverability is a core tenet of marketing best practices. Using an email service provider that is attentive to your needs of maintaining a clean email list is essential because you don’t want your IP address blocked or marked for spam folders. Mailgun’s Managed Service acts like a real-time monitoring tool, so you can keep your email messages clean and out of spam databases or off spam blocklists of internet service providers. Learn more or sign up today and get better deliverability.


Explore beyond blocklist monitoring services

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of blocklist monitoring services.

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