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Nonprofit Phonebanking Software

From fundraising drives to advocacy campaigns, our phone tools have helped thousands of organizations drive action & raise money.

Trusted by Today’s Leading Nonprofits

Phone Tools for Organizers and Fundraisers

Reach supporters using industry-leading phone tools, all 100% integrated with EveryAction.

Find your audience using EveryAction's powerful CRM for precise segmentation, and easily send any list to a printed or virtual phone bank.

Publish your Virtual Phone Banks online so volunteers can make calls from anywhere. Our powerful click-to-dial tool makes phone banking faster and easier than ever, and all response data is stored immediately in EveryAction.

Display your organization's name as Caller ID to increase contact rate and call quality.

Allow supporters to make calls to a selected list of contacts with the script and survey questions you identify, and data automatically input back into EveryAction.

Cut any list of voters, members or volunteers, walk through a short, intuitive wizard to record a message, and monitor the call as data is collected.

Monitor all phonebanks in progress for instant insights to calls made, contact rate, survey questions answered, and more.

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Hit Phonebank Goals for Every Campaign

Reach supporters and have more personal conversations with EveryAction phone tools.
More Calls in Less Time
Our award-winning phone tools make it easy to hit your call goals, with click-to-dial technology and instant reporting.
Increase Contact Rates
Use custom area codes and Caller ID to let your supporters know who is calling and increase conversations.
Dial Cell Phones Quickly
Our click-to-dial phone technology makes it quick and easy to call both landlines and cell phones.
Host Remote Phonebanks
With Virtual Phone Bank technology—volunteer can make calls from anywyere, on any device, and response data is collected in EveryAction instantly.
Call From Any Device
No more burner cell phones, or volunteers using personal phone numbers. Set up custom Caller ID and users can click-to-deal from computers and mobile devices.

Boost Conversions, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s phone tools make it easy to have personalized and interactive calls that your supporters will love receiving. Start seeing improved results today.
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